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The Fiesta Burger Murder (A Burger Bar Mystery) - Rosie A. Point

For the first in a series, this book by Author Rosie A. Point, got off to a good start.


I’ve had THE FIESTA BURGER MURDER in my TBR for way too long. I should have read it back when it first came out, but lost it in a file of eBooks I keep. Anyway, I’m happy to have found it, and finally read it.


It took me just about half the book to warm up to lead character, Christie Watson. She’s not someone I think I could have easily become friends with. However, the more I read, the more I came to like her. I look forward to seeing her grow in future installments.


THE FIESTA BURGER MURDER moved at a brisk pace, but enjoyable pace. And even though this book is a novella, it read as strong and solid as a full length book would. Although fast moving, as I mentioned, it didn’t feel like the storyline suffered to get it to a quick ending. The main mystery was well done, and a secondary mystery within the book will carry over to the next.


Give THE FIESTA BURGER MYSTERY a read. And don’t miss the recipes at the end of the book. They have you wanting to throw a Mexican dinner party!