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Sherlock's Home: The Adventure of the Indigo Inkster

As I mentioned in my review of author Pamela Rose’s first book in this series, Sherlock's Home: The Adventure of the Contentious Crone, in Sherlock's Home: The Adventure of the Indigo Inker, Ms. Rose had my attention with the combined bakery and mystery bookstore owned by the Sherlocks. But it is the author's flair for telling a great story that kept me hooked.


You are in for an amazing and head spinning whodunit in this exciting second installment of the Sherlock’s Home mystery series.


I went from relaxed and enjoying an awesome cruise with the Sherlocks, to being broken hearted with Finn at the loss of Sheriff Wavy Davy. Who murdered the Sheriff and why? You’ll be kept guessing just as I was. Was I ever fooled when all was revealed. I never saw it coming, and I doubt you will either.


If you love a good mystery and an author who is as smart and sassy as her characters, you have got to read this series!