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Reviews for Cozy Mysteries.
Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams


by Ellery Adams

Book One in the Book Retreat Mystery series


A few chapters into this first book in the Book Retreat Mystery series, I was already enjoying what I thought to be another sweet, cozy mystery series. By chapter five I had the feeling of reading a Nancy Drew story in which Nancy was now a grown woman. This of course thrilled me to no end. However, it felt as though I was also in a modern day Agatha Christie novel. Until chapter eight when Nancy and Agatha combined with Ian Fleming and my mind was blown!


Do you know how wonderful a book has to be to be compared to those three greats? Indeed, Ms. Adams has turned the modern day cozy into the very best of mysteries past, present, and I dare say future. There is so much I want to say about this book, but have to hold myself back from doing so in order not to ruin the joy of discovery for other readers.


What I can say is, Ellery Adams has delivered a story with delightful characters, beautiful surroundings, as well mystery and intrigue unlike anything I’ve ever read. She has insured that this first book will morph into a long running series.


That being said, do yourself the biggest favor of the year and read MURDER IN THE MYSTERY SUITE. Purchase a few extra copies (e-readers, get yourself a print copy), two for yourself and a few for your friends. You’re going to want to keep a mint copy of this first edition hidden away so in the next twenty years or so people will be jealous of your treasure!


MURDER IN THE MYSTERY SUITE well release on August 5th. Don’t wait…Pre-order your copy/copies now!


Note: The copy I read was an Advanced Reader’s Copy (ARC) they I was lucky enough to win from the author. The best prize I’ve won all year! (Since it was a prize in a giveaway, I had no obligation to leave a review. But there was no way I wasn’t going to share my love of this story!) I will still be pre-ordering copies for myself in order to have both wonderful editions!