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Reviews for Cozy Mysteries.
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Taken In - Elizabeth Lynn Casey

The Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries are one of my favorite series and a new book in the series always tops my “must read” stack of books. TAKEN IN only solidified my love of this series.


I’ll admit, I was a bit worried to see Tori and the ladies taken out of Sweet Briar and put onto the mean streets of New York City. My worry was for nothing. Turning that group of ladies loose in the big city was brilliant!


I knew it was going to be a wild ride from page one, and I laughed my way through the first chapter. Who am I kidding? I laughed my way through the entire book! The only thing that could have been better than reading about these fun ladies and the mystery they find themselves embroiled in, would have been to get to go on the trip with them myself!


Besides the fun, it was a wonderful mystery that kept me guessing the whole way through and into the wee hours of the morning, because I simply could not put in down until I was finished!


If you are a fan of the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries, make sure to add TAKEN IN to your collection. If you haven’t read the series, get to ordering! You are missing out on a wonderfully written series, by a talented author who always delivers on mystery, fun, and characters that you will want to call friends.