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Reviews for Cozy Mysteries.
Nightmares Can Be Murder - Mary Kennedy
The world of cozy mysteries has been waiting for the return of author Mary Kennedy. Wow, what a return it has been!
NIGHTMARES CAN BE MURDER is the first book in Ms. Kennedy's Dream Club mystery series. The subject of dream analysis is an exciting new concept for a cozy mystery theme. 
I enjoyed my time spent in Savannah, GA with Taylor Black, her sister Allison, and the other ladies of the Dream Club. It was very interesting sitting in on their meetings, delving into their dreams, and working through the meanings with them. I also loved spending time in Ali's shop, Oldies But Goodies, that sells "retro" candy. Such a delightfully fun store! It reminded me a of candy store I visited in Lititz, PA several months ago. What? No, I wasn't really there, but I was so lost in the story that I felt I had indeed been right there with them.  
As for the mystery element of the book, who killed dance instructor Chico Hernandez, there were times I thought I was on the trail of the killer only to find I had been misled by crafty, creative writing. When I read the reveal, I knew I had been completely outsmarted by the author.
Mystery fans, not just those of cozies, are going to enjoy this book and be looking forward to the next in this wonderful new series. I know I am!
And on a quick note, if you have been wanting to get a younger reader (pre-teen and up) into mysteries, this would be a great book to begin their journey into the mystery realm. I believe the subject of dream analysis the way it is covered in NIGHTMARES CAN BE MURDER will be entertaining enough to take their minds off vampires and werewolves for a while. ;-)