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The Wolfe WIdow by Victoria Abbott

By Victoria Abbott The Wolfe Widow (A Book Collector Mystery) - Victoria Abbott

If you’re looking for a well written book with an exciting plot, you’ve just found it. THE WOLFE WIDOW is most certainly the book for you.


The first sentence of the book, “The doorbell rang”, and the characters reactions to said ringing doorbell, assured me this would be hard to put this book down. Well, it was! Cleverly written mystery, suspense, humor, and wonderfully written characters, kept me turning pages longer into the night than I had planned. But it was completely worth it.


If you liked the first two books in the Book Collector Mystery series, THE CHRISTIE CURSE, and THE SAYERS SWINDLE, you will delight in THE WOLFE WIDOW. If you haven’t read this series, get them all now and read them one after the other. Your only regret will be the amount of time you have to wait for book number four to be released.