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GHOST WANTED by Carolyn Hart

Ghost Wanted - Carolyn Hart

This is the first book I’ve read in the Bailey Ruth Ghost Mysteries and before I started GHOST WANTED, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to follow it. I was afraid I would be lost. I had no need to worry. On page two, author Carolyn Hart started filling me in on what I needed to know, and it was a fun ride from there.

When I first heard of this book, I assumed it was another book where the protagonist was befriended by a ghost. I had no idea the protagonist was the ghost!


This book was an excellent mystery, told from a view point I’ve never read before, which only served to make reading it more intriguing and irresistible. Ms. Hart’s writing is flawless and kept me captured in the story straight through to the thrilling conclusion.


Rather you’re a fan of mysteries, suspense, or paranormal stories, Ghost Wanted is a title you want to add to your reading list.

You can pre-order it now for the October 7th release date. And if you haven’t read them yet, pick up the other four books in this series, Ghost At Work, Merry, Merry Ghost, Ghost In Trouble, and Ghosts Gone Wild. You’re going to want to own every title!